5 Best Places for Family Grilling this Summer

5 Best Places for Family Grilling this Summer

Grilling is a staple of the summertime season, and grilling enthusiasts are likely anxious to get outdoors and enjoy their favorite dishes while enjoying the lush summer days. That said, grills are often confined to the backyard, given they’re too big and bulky to move around easily. But with the use of a barrel BBQ grill, you can take your party almost anywhere. We’ve found the five best places for family grilling this summer that will allow you to make the most out of the warm weather and improve any gatherings and events you may host or attend.

Public Parks

Provided there’s enough space, public parks make a good destination for an afternoon trip, allowing you to enjoy a barbecue lunch as well as amenities like seating or playgrounds where kids can entertain themselves while you focus on your grilling. These parks are designed with the interests of residents in mind, so why not make the most of them? This location is ideal for getting together with friends who have kids of their own, as you’ll have a chance to socialize while the kids keep themselves entertained within a contained space.


In regard to the best places for family grilling this summer, few places can beat the beach. The cool breeze, the rhythm of the tide, warm sand between your toes—there’s no better way to complement such sensations than with the alluring smells of barbecue. This is especially a highlight of summer because beaches aren’t quite as enjoyable to visit at any other time of the year.

Drive-In Theaters

As a side effect of COVID-19, drive-in theaters have seen something of a comeback. Whether this trend will stay remains to be seen, but you can take advantage of it right now while traditional theaters are still closed. Forget sneaking snacks into a movie—catch your favorite flicks while cooking your own food and tailgating your car.


Speaking of tailgating, this summer activity will become common once again as sports start back up. Rather than paying for subpar and expensive food in the surrounding area, bust out your barrel grill to create a good, hearty meal while enjoying the experience of tailgating. Besides, BBQing before a big game is practically an American tradition!

Block Parties

Want to really impress your neighbors? Simply fire up the grill! At block parties, bringing the grill will make you a local hero, and you won’t even have to bring all the ingredients with you. Block parties are something of a potluck, and you can flex your grill skills by serving up whatever foods your neighbors bring. Besides, dads socialize best when standing around a grill.