PBC with ThermoWorks® & GrillGrates

Here at Pit Barrel® we always aim to produce consistently outstanding results simply, easily, and with no hassle. Our cooker takes care of most of this on its own, but all too often cooking for family and friends can quickly become stressful and distract from the most important part — enjoying time with your guests and making memories.

The ThermoWorks® line of thermometers removes the guesswork and stress, allowing you to rest assured that you and your guests will enjoy perfectly cooked food every time.

To get those beautiful steakhouse sear marks with no flare-ups, we recommend using GrillGrates on top of the standard grate. They help to amplify and distribute the heat evenly.

Experience the #1 Barrel Cooker on the Market

Experience why our customers give Pit Barrel® consistently rave reviews and have
made the PBC the #1 barrel cooker on the market.