18.5" Classic Pit Barrel Cooker

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Experience the 18.5″ Classic Pit Barrel Cooker, and what has made it the #1 best selling drum cooker on the market. There’s a reason the Pit Barrel Cooker receives consistently rave reviews – it simply cooks some of the best food you’ve ever tasted, with no hassle.

The Pit Barrel Cooker’s pre-drilled mounting holes make for easy addition of an optional Mountable Bottle Opener, available with the Pit Barrel Logo, or a wide selection of team logos. The Pit Barrel features top-quality construction with durable 18 gauge steel and a porcelain enamel coating.

The PBC package includes all of the accessories to cook an enormous variety (and quantity!) of food.

The PBC package includes:

1 30 Gallon Steel Drum/Lid

8 Stainless Steel Hooks

2 Steel Hanging Rods

1 Charcoal Basket

1 Standard Grill Grate

1 Wooden Hook Remover

1 Three-point Barrel Stand

1 All-Purpose Pit Rub 5 oz.

1 Beef & Game Pit Rub 5 oz.