Elote - Mexican Street Corn

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Elote - Mexican Street Corn

Serves 6

Cook time: 40 min | Desired Temp: N/A

*Cook times may vary!



6 ears corn
1/2 stick butter
1 cup mayonnaise
1 cup Mexican crema
16 oz. Cotija Cheese
3 limes halved
Chile Powder or Tajin
Optional: favorite hot sauce (I love Valentina)

How to make Mexican Street Corn:


  1. Pick good corn that has a moist husk.  I prefer white sweet corn bit pick whatever is in season because it will be the sweetest.
  2. Remove silk so the corn is exposed. I brush each piece with melted butter. This will allow it to caramelize and develop flavor.
  3. Prepare coals as per PBC instructions.
  4. Roast with lid on and lid cracked for about 30 to 40 minutes. I wrap in foil once I pull them off. 
  5. Slather corn with mayonnaise or crema or both. 
  6. I spoon Cotija than has been pulverized in blender over the corn till it is well coated. 
  7. Squeeze juice of half a lime on corn. 
  8. Season with chile powder or spice of choice. ( Dried chipotle, lemon pepper, cayenne, parmesan)
  9. Drizzle with hot sauce




Thank you Rico Gubernick @unclechicosbbq for sharing this recipe and beautiful pictures!  


Mexico is known for its wide variety of street foods. One of the most recognizable and popular is Mexican street corn. 
Elote (corn) dates back to Meso American culture.  Corn was revered as sacred and till this day is integrated into most Mexican food. 
Corn is roasted on a grill or plancha, skewered with a stick, then painted with a good slathering of mayonnaise, butter, or crema.  It's then coated in salty pulverized cotija cheese and adorned with lime and a plethora of spices.  Don't forget your favorite hot sauce to make that hair raise on the back of your neck. 
No cart here, just our Pit Barrel to enhance the flavor of that sweet corn.  If you have the corn hanger you're set and if not just grate it as I do. Ready, set, corn!