BBQ Grill Covers, Gift Bags & Logo Plates


    Our thick, premium custom covers will keep your smoker in great shape all year long no matter the season. The gift bag makes this and easy and quick gift for any grilling or smoking lover.

    The Custom BBQ Grill Smoker Cover features a heavy duty material that helps protect against rain and snow as well as sun damage. It also comes with our original seal on the front. Custom made for your Pit Barrel grill, it comes in a custom fit designed to fit the shape and size of the Pit Barrel® Cooker you choose. Custom BBQ Grill & Smoker Cover is designed for easy application and removal. Custom BBQ Grill & Smoker Covers are compatible with 14", 18.5", or 22.5" Pit Barrel® Cooker models.

    Our Pit Barrel® Gift Bag is perfect for gifting your loved ones with our cookers. The gift bag is made from non-woven material that will fit any of our grill models and sizes. No need to add a bow, we've already created the perfect gift!

    Logo plates are a great gift or cooker add-on for anyone who has served. Select your custom logo plate and receive the hardware needed to install on your Pit Barrel® at home!

    2 products

    2 products

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