Jalapeño Maple Pig Shots

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Jalapeño Maple Pig Shots

Serves 3-4

Cook Time: 1 - 1 1/2 hours | Desired Temp: none

*Cook times may vary



10.5 oz Kielbasa or smoked sausage, cut into 1/2 inch disks
1 pack of maple bacon, thick-cut 
8 oz. softened cream cheese 
1/2 cup grated cheese of your choosing 
Cabela's Roasted Garlic & Beer Seasoning or your favorite rub
A couple of fresh Jalapeño, chopped 

How to make Jalapeño Maple Pig Shots:
  1. Leave cream cheese at room temperature for a few hours to soften. Grate the cheese and chop the peppers. Remove seeds if you don't want too much heat. 
  2. Cut the sausage or kielbasa in 1/2 inch (eyeball) disks. this is the base of your meat shot glass. 
  3. In a bowl mix cream cheese, shredded cheese, jalapeños and 1 to 1 1\2 tablespoons of your spice mix or favorite rub. adjust accordingly to the potency of your rub/spice mix and to taste. It's also good to sprinkle some on top of the shots once they are prepared. So keep that in mind when adding to the cream cheese mixture. 
  4. Roll cream cheese mixture into balls like meatballs (about the width of your sausage slices) and place the balls on top of the sausage/kielbasa slices. 
  5. Take your bacon and wrap it around the perimeter of the sausage/kielbasa and cream cheese ball to form a cup and hold in place with toothpicks. You most likely will have to cut your bacon slices in half, it depends on the width of your sausage or kielbasa. 
  6. Light your PBC according to instructions.
  7. Sprinkle your rub/spice mix over the top of your pig shots and they are ready for the smoker. You can place them directly on the grate or on a round cooking sheet. 
  8. Cook until bacon is crispy to your liking! 



Thank you Kris Cummings for sharing this recipe and beautiful pictures! 
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