Whole Rainbow Trout

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Whole Rainbow Trout

Serves 6

Cook time: 30 min | Desired Temp: 135-145°

*Cook times may vary


Rainbow trout 
1 lemon
1 whole fennel bulb 
1 bunch flat-leaf parslet
Lemon thyme 
Olive oil
Parsley oil 

How to make Whole Rainbow Trout:

  1. Light Pit Barrel® according to instructions. Then take out rods to increase heat in the barrel. 
  2. Gut the rainbow trout. Can also remove fins and head if desired,
  3. Stuff with 3 lemon slices, a bunch of flat-leaf parsley, lemon thyme, and season with sea salt and pepper.
  4. Drizzle olive oil in the button of the cast iron.
  5. Cut a whole fennel bulb into circular slice and add it on top of the olive oil in the cast iron. You can also add some lemon slices if you desire. 
  6. Arrange fishtail to head on top of fennel bed and add vine tomatoes in the middle. 
  7. Place cast iron in the middle of the Pit Barrel®. Crack the lid a little to make it extra hot. Cook for approximately 20min or until the rainbow trout reaches 135-145º.
  8. If desired, garnish with garlic, lemon thyme and parsley oil for the remaining 5 min of the cook.  



Thank you Marc Conlan @MrGourmandize  for sharing this recipe and beautiful pictures! 
rainbow trout on pit barrel cooker
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