5 Smokin' Hot Grilling Trends in 2021

5 Smokin' Hot Grilling Trends in 2021

As football season is upon us and the outdoor temperatures are still warm, it’s time to fire up the grill and cook your next masterpiece! But with so many different grilling equipment options and best practices to consider, you may have no idea where to begin.

Here at Pit Barrel® Cooker, we believe in cooking and grilling meat to perfection. That’s why we created the original vertical barrel smoker cooker. Once you try our innovative grilling machine, you’ll be blown away at the results. Our BBQ smoker barrels take flavor to another level.

If you want to grill like a pro this fall and beyond, check out these smokin’ hot grilling trends in 2021:

1. Meat Delivery Boxes

With the ease of using a Pit Barrel® cooker, the biggest challenge is finding high-quality meats. Driving from one store to the next to find the perfect brisket or rack of ribs can be a drag. Instead, consider joining a meat subscription service for the convenience of having premium meats delivered to your front door.

Several meat delivery providers offer a wide variety of protein options. Whether you enjoy baby back ribs or salmon, there’s a meat and seafood subscription service out there for you. Additionally, many of these businesses offer flexible plans, so you can find packages to best suit your needs.

Here are five popular meat delivery services to consider:


If you’re looking for exceptional flavor and healthy grass-fed beef, then be sure to check out ButcherBox. But that’s not the only healthy option on the menu—subscribers can also choose from heritage breed pork, organic chicken, and more.

Omaha Steaks

As a long-standing provider that knows what they’re doing, Omaha Steaks is a great option. In fact, the organization has been delivering its famous meats since 1953. And the business now carries more than just steaks—they offer appetizers, desserts, and even entire meals.

Crowd Cow

Crowd Cow is considered one of the best grass-fed beef delivery services, with meats sourced from numerous family-owned farms. Customize your box, selecting from their responsibly sourced, pasture-raised beef, organic chicken, wild caught fish and seafood, heritage pork, premium lamb, and much more. Members also control their monthly delivery schedule and can skip months if they so desire.


FarmFoods is a great option for having bulk quantities of meat delivered to your door. Choose from a wide selection of pasture-raised beef and chicken, pork, grass-fed lamb and wild-caught seafood sourced from local farms across the country. The company offers “value packs” in bulk  and the meat arrives frozen and vacuum sealed.

Snake River Farms

A premium meat delivery service, Snake River specializes in American Wagyu beef and Kurobuta pork. Choose a carefully curated box, whether it’s all beef, beef and pork, or dry-aged beef, in the size you need for your household. Snake River’s boxes arrive monthly with easy-to-follow cooking techniques and tips.  

2. American Wagyu Beef

Another grilling trend in 2021 is the increasingly popular American Wagyu beef. Wagyu beef is a Japanese beef cattle breed, derived from native Asian cattle in the Kobe region. Originally, Wagyu cattle were known for their physical endurance, which made them prized possessions in the world of agriculture. 

Why is Wagyu beef such a remarkable meat? For one, it has a unique flavor due to its marbling texture. This taste combined with a buttery tenderness creates an unmatched eating experience. But those aren’t the only benefits to consider—Wagyu beef is also healthier too. One reason is that 40% of the saturated fat content in the meat consists of stearic acid, which has been scientifically proven to help prevent high cholesterol levels.

Today, American Wagyu beef is the perfect blend of purebred Wagyu cattle and traditional American beef cattle. This heavenly match pairs the marbling texture of Wagyu with the robust flavors of American beef, creating the perfect cut of meat for grilling on your Pit Barrel cooker.

3. Vegetables the Unconventional Way

Eating vegetables is essential to a healthy diet. Whether cooked on the stove or in the oven, these methods create great-tasting veggies. But while there are numerous ways to cook your veggies, throwing them on the grill is becoming increasingly popular as a healthy, easy way to give your vegetable great flavor.

While you’ve probably thrown corn on the cob or baked potatoes on a charcoal grill, have you ever considered adding them to a BBQ smoker? Try grilling a wide assortment of veggies, including sweet potatoes, asparagus, onions, peppers, eggplant, and even heads of lettuce. Give it a try at your next outdoor barbecue!

4. Unique Grill Accessories

If you like to fire up the grill on a regular basis, you probably have a few grill accessories lying around like a spatula, tongs, and grill brush. Today, grillmasters are upping their game with a lot of unique accessories, as well as some old favorites.

Several interesting tools that have been on the rise include a grill mat, burger press, and a wireless thermometer. If you claim to be a grilling expert, adding these accessories to your repertoire is a step in the right direction!

5. Spice Rubs You’ve Never Heard About

Every grillmaster knows that spice rubs are an integral part of any meat masterpiece. But while we all know about common rubs, there are other unique options making themselves known. And as time goes on, experts predict that more and more unique spices will hit the mainstream grilling community.

Whether you’re looking for the best rubs for smoking or grilling, keep an eye out for spices such as dukkah and panch phoron. Dukkah is an Egyptian seasoning made from cumin, coriander, sesame, roasted nuts, and other seeds. This unique rub works perfectly on grilled fish and sweet potatoes.

Panch phoron, on the other hand, is a Bengali blend that packs tons of flavor in every bite. This fascinating rub offers exotic aromatics and is derived from black cumin, fennel, nigella, black mustard, and fenugreek.

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