Ultimate Grilling Gift Guide

Ultimate Grilling Gift Guide

The men in our lives want more for Christmas than just socks, a watch, or another golf club. Grilling gifts are the perfect Christmas gift that allows him to explore a new hobby and eat a lot of meat! Whether you're shopping for the man in your life or possibly a new homeowner - a grill, smoker, or bbq pit are almost universally welcome.

As a plus, when you choose smokers or grills as your perfect holiday gift for men, you're also encouraging them to entertain – and invite you to sample the results of their new grill!

Today, we've put together some of the best grilling gifts for any budget and cooking expertise.

Pit Barrel Cookers

Pit Barrel Cookers

There's nothing like the smell of slow-roasted, pit barbecued meat – delicious and falling apart, with a rich smoky flavor that adds depth and that indescribable "mmmmmmmmm" when you take a bite. Pit Barrel Cookers can be used year-round and are easier to master than you'd think.


The 22.5” PBX Pit Barrel® Cooker is our largest model of drum cookers, with the same ease of use as our popular 18.5" PBX drum, but with a greater capacity. It's ideal for bigger backyard cooks but doesn't take up much space. The 22.5" is even big enough to cater to an event, use for restaurant cooking, or enter a local bbq contest.

The secret is in the 360º All-Round Heat Dynamics™, which guarantees perfectly cooked food every time. The complete package includes everything your home griller will need to cook right out of the box. Simply use our included instructions, and get cooking!

This is the largest porcelain drum grill on the market, allowing you to cook up to:

  • 20 racks of ribs
  • 4 large pork butts
  • Up to 16 chicken halves
  • 4 packers of briskets
  • Or even 4 (yes FOUR) turkeys.


Our most popular model, this drum cooking barrel, features a porcelain interior for ideal heat transfer and everything you need to cook from an entire turkey to enough wings for a SuperBowl party. It offers more cooking space, with twice the volume of regular horizontal cookers. Simply select your meats, vegetables, corn, or potatoes – then set it and forget it! The perfectly constructed drum cooker will do the rest.


For the first-time homeowner or someone with limited space, the Pit Barrel Junior is the perfect way to introduce smoking and grilling. It's the smallest model of our porcelain-drum grills, with easy-to-follow instructions and everything a new cook needs to get started smoking.

Pit Barrel Accessories

Pit Barrel Grilling Accessories

No home grilling set-up is complete without the right accessories. We offer a full range of poultry hangers, the right-sized tongs and forks, extra grates, and hangers for brats and sausages. The flexible hinged grates are ideal for cooking several kinds of foods of different sizes all at once.
Don't forget the perfectly sized, weather-resistant cover for your drum smoker. Our covers are designed to fit tightly over the cooker, protecting it from rain, snow, and even hot summer sun.

Pit Barrel Grill Hanging Accessories

We also have baskets and hangers of different sizes, allowing your food to cook properly without falling into the smoker. The hinged grate is our most popular, allowing them to both smoke poultry and grill smaller cuts of meat or veggies on a flat grill.

Our hangers are specifically designed to be interchangeable between different sized pit drums and created to fit anything from shrimp to poultry, brats, and more. You can even use our hangers if you have a Weber Smokey Mountain (WSM) Grill to convert it into a Pit Barrel Smoker. The difference between the hangers and baskets we make, and other products is in their ability to withstand heavy use and higher temperatures and expose the food to the right amount of smoke and heat. Up your grilling and smoking game with the right equipment.

Pit Barrel Cooking Tools

Some of the things that are often forgotten are our cooking tools and accessories. These are some of the best Christmas gifts for Dad and the men in our life, as they keep him safe and are custom-made to complement the Pit Barrel Grill and Smokers. These are perfect for stocking stuffers or as accessory holiday gifts for men if someone else has already purchased the Pit Barrel itself.
Some of the most popular items are:

  • Ashpan or chimney starter
  • Ultimate Pit Grips, to keep his hands safe
  • Ultimate Hook Tool, perfect for hanging poultry to barbecuing shrimp
  • Ultimate Spatula and Tongs, perfectly sized to reach deep into the smoker, with long handles to protect his hands
  • Bottle opener for the outside of the grill – because what's grilling without a cold beer?

Pit Barrel Knives

Any chef can tell you that a high-quality set of knives is one of the most important tools for great cooking. The Ultimate Chef's Knife is a thing of beauty, perfectly balanced and expertly crafted with a very sharp edge to cleanly slice through any type of meat or vegetable. The handle is beautifully finished with polished wood and crafted to be comfortably ergonomic when in use.

Don't forget the matching steak knives, crafted to match the Chef's knife, each finished with the same beautiful natural wood. Together, these make a great holiday basket, especially one that has a grilling gifts theme. Include a variety of spices and some recipe books to round out the present.

Pit Barrel Rubs and Shakers

Add some of our delicious, secret-recipe Pit Barrel rubs to your grilling gifts list this year, perfect for last-minute gift giving or as part of a great gift basket. Our gorgeous metal shakers are professional-grade, washable, and refillable, with the perfect sized holes to get the right amount of flavor without spilling.

EndGrain Cutting Boards

EndGrain Cutting Board Sizes

Don't forget to add a high-end, durable cutting board to your gift list. Our EndGrain Cutting Boards are a must have when it comes to grilling prep equipment. These large wooden cutting boards are made from the highest quality walnut and maple, giving them their signature end grain wood look.

Each EndGrain cutting board is carefully crafted by hand (so each wood cutting board is unique) to meet all of your grilling needs. Each of the sizes can be used for different cooking needs. The EndGrain wood cutting boards are also designed with a juice channel to avoid any spills. We crafted these boards to be used with our chef's knife and they are durable enough for any chef or grilling enthusiast.

Pit Barrel T-Shirts & Apparel

Love our products? Share the love! Let your friends and neighbors see just what you're cooking, even when you're not at the grill. Shop our collection of comfortable tees for both men and women. Or, choose one of our cozy beanies for a stocking stuffer to keep Dad's head warm while grilling in the wintertime.

Get the Best Holiday Gifts For Men

Don't look any further than professional quality grilling gifts – we've got your covered (and smoked!). From drum smokers large enough to cater a party to smaller ones for everyday use, choose Pit Barrel Grills and accessories for all your cookout needs.