Beef & Game Pit Rub 2.5 lb. Bag

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Our Beef & Game Pit Rub is specially formulated for a deep and delicious flavor that is great on steaks, burgers, roasts, or any other red meat, not to mention salmon and even corn on the cob. This rub compliments the unique flavor from a Pit Barrel® cook. This is a fan-favorite that will guarantee to impress your guests at the next cookout!

Elevate even the cheapest cut of red meat from Tasteless 'n Boring to Flavorful 'n Pleasing

We are featuring dozens of recipes around the website using the Beef & Game Pit Rub. The possibilities are endless with this tasty boost to your next BBQ. 

Due to its excellent flavor, you'll be using this rub on everything. Grab the discounted 2-Pack to stock up today!

Pit Barrel Cooker Pit Rubs are Kosher and MSG/gluten-free. Beef & Game Pit Rub is sugar-free and will satisfy your BBQ cravings without the added sugar.