All-Purpose Pit Rub 2.5 lb. Bag

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Our All-Purpose seasoning blend is specially formulated for an outstanding balanced flavor that compliments the unique flavor from a Pit Barrel® cook. It’s great on beef, poultry, pork,seafood, or vegetables.

The All-Purpose Pit Rub will take your Turkey feast from Dry 'n Dreary to Juicy 'n Tasty. 

We are featuring dozens of recipes around the website using the All-Purpose Pit Rub. The possibilities are endless with this flavorful boost to your next BBQ. 

Due to its excellent flavor, you'll be using this rub on everything. Grab the discounted 2-Pack to stock up today!

 Pit Barrel Cooker Pit Rubs are Kosher and MSG/gluten-free.