Corn Hanger

Corn Hanger

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What is BBQ without a grilled buttery corncob? It's never been easier to cook corn alongside your choice(s) of meat! The Corn Hanger allows you to grill 4 cobs of corn without taking up too much space. The special rotatable swivel-head design and adjustable width allows for incredible flexibility to maximize the capacity of the Pit Barrel®. 

Whether they’re plain, or lightly dusted with some All-Purpose Pit Rub, there’s no better ear of corn than one hung in the Pit Barrel®.

We recommend you check out our best-selling special bundle deal on our 3-Hanger Value Pack for endless hanging options!


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Care Instruction

The Corn Hanger is dishwasher safe. We recommend using the top shelf of the dishwasher for washing the Corn Hanger.