Skewers & Hangers

Take the PBC to the next level!

Use these must-have accessories to get a perfect cook, every time! For the ultimate PBC experience
we recommend the following items:

Pit Grips
Custom Pit Barrel® Chimney Starter
PBC 10" Stainless Steel Vertical Skewers (4x)
From $26.95
Stainless Steel Ultimate Hook Tool



From the  PBC Custom Chimney Starter  at the beginning of your cook to the  PBC Ultimate hook tool  at the end, we’ve got you covered! For everything in between, there’s an accessory! Corn in the barrel? There’s a hanger for that! Sausages? We have the answer! And for everything else that won’t go on a hook, there’s the  Pit Barrel® Basket Hanger.  Want to bring the Brazilian Steakhouse to your house? Our  PBC Vertical Hanging Skewers  can help you do just that! With 10” and 15” options, the possibilities are endless! The ThermoWorks®  line of thermometers removes the guesswork and stress, allowing you to rest assured that you and your guests will enjoy perfectly cooked food every time. To get those beautiful steakhouse sear marks with no flare-ups, we recommend using  GrillGrates  on top of the standard grate. They help to amplify and distribute the heat evenly.