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WOW – Do we LOVE this Pit Barrel®! It is soooooooooooo easy to use and it makes your food taste incredible. I’m a grandma and even I can use it. We’ve cooked just about everything in it – using the rubs that they sell. It’s incredible. Whenever we use it, we eat so much we can barely move afterwards – ha! We’re planning on using it all summer long (and fall, winter and spring) and keeping the grand kids well fed and happy. The only problem I’m anticipating is that there won’t be any leftovers to send home with the kids. This is one terrific cooker (and I’ve been cooking for 40 years and have tried just about everything under the sun). Want to impress your family, friends, neighbors? This is the cooker you want to get!

Teresa, Aurora, CO

I have been using my cooker for a few months now and absolutely love the simplicity and the fantastic results. I have made ribs, tri-tip, pork butt, chicken, turkey breast and beef brisket following your instructional videos and they all turned out perfectly. I wanted to let you know that I decided to try a couple of corned beef briskets (following your instructions for beef brisket to the letter). They were amazing! Fabulous flavor, extra juicy, and remarkably tender. My Pit Barrel® Cooker has become my favorite cooker ever. I have retired my vertical water smoker and if I need additional cooking capacity, I will be purchasing another Pit Barrel® Cooker. Thank you for producing a truly wonderful product.

Ed K., IL

I am a recent owner of a Pit Barrel® Cooker and let me say I am amazed at how well your product works and cooks. In the two weeks since I have had it I have cooked Whole Chickens, Sausage, Smoked Hamburgers, Smoked Salmon, and Pork Spare Ribs. Everything that I have cooked has turned out perfect. Over the years I have cooked on Webber grills, Offset Smokers, and Upright electric smokers. None of the cookers I have ever used are as easy, low maintenance and turned out as good of food as your product. I now have time to socialize when cooking / smoking and not worry about heat management, meat rotation etc… I am also amazed at the amount of food that the small cooker can handle at one time. I cooked 3 large Pork Spare Ribs for the guys on my shift at the Police Station. They picked every bone clean and loved the way they tasted. Also your rubs are very good, I love that they don’ t have a lot of salt and I can build on their flavor profile to fit my pallet. I will never use another smoker in for the rest of my life. Good job, and thanks for putting out such a great product. I have already told all my friends about your product, let them sample food that it can cook and I have had a few friends state that they were going to buy one of your cookers as well. Keep up the good work and God Bless.

Charles M., Oklahoma

Let me say that your PBC is without a doubt the best KISS BBQ Cooker that I have used in 40 years of BBQing. From charcoal cookers of the 60’s and 70’s to oil drum pig cookers to and assortment of charcoal/gas/pellet and kamados(all which I own), your cooker is truly the BOMB..I originally was looking for a cooker to cook more than 3-4 racks of ribs without firing up 2 cookers for Nascar/Football weekends. When I saw your videos. Hanging Meat Are you kidding me! intrigue,skepticism gripped me; was this possible with such a simple cooker? For those of us that have cooked ribs,chicken, Boston Butts,London Broil and the always hard to nail Brisket, plus the plethora of other snacks and creations that have come along we all know the nuances of and pains in learning these different cookers to obtain consistency.After our conversations about your PBC, I pulled the trigger…and haven’t looked back. Four months and EVERYTHING that has come off the PBC has been really Amazing and best of all perfect every time. The PBC is my main cooker now and all I do is time things and check internal temperatures. My DnL who doesn’t like Ribs because of dealing with the bones could not believe how juicy and tender they were in 2 hours 20 minutes and fall of of the bone delicious!!PBC Ribs are the best I have EVER cooked and consistent every time. Thank you for a Made in America- Big Bang for the Buck smoker”..

Doug E. aka Hanging with Doug, Elizabeth City, NC

We had 23 people over on Saturday and to say I was sweating bullets was an understatement. My brisket was always ‘iffy’ at best, but using my new PBC, the results were spectacular. Made a few adjustments for Sea Level, but otherwise followed the videos. Everyone was ecstatic with the results. Ordered it the previous Friday, received it the following Wednesday, cooked for the first time Saturday for the party – amazing.

Rich E., Leonia, NJ

This cooker has to be the best thing to happen to BBQ in a long time, the ease of preparing the cooker to the ease of hanging a brisket can’t get any better. Amber and Noah are true to their statement of being there for you with any questions you may have. My first cook was a split chicken which took just 2 hours to finish and my second cook was a 7lb brisket flat which took just 3.5 hrs to finish, both were juicy and I used the all purpose for the chicken and the beef and game seasoning for the brisket. ORDER THIS COOKER!!!!!!

Garvin B.. Army Backyardbbqquer

Hands down! My PBC is the best culinary product I have purchased in years! I was considering egg cookers and brand name smokers before I was introduced to a PBC by my neighbor. For the price, ease of use, and cooking experience this is the best product on the market. It also isn’t an ugly lawn dwarf like other cookers. Great food makes me happy and in the three weeks since I bought my PBC I have cooked 8 whole chickens, 16 lbs of pork butt and an 8 lb brisket and everything has turned out fantastic! Oh, did I mention, I am a rookie in the art of slow cooking. If you are reading this, STOP, buy your PBC and get cooking. Noah and his team are great and available in real-time to get you started. Oh, I would also recommend a wireless thermometer as well.

Jon D., Newfields, NH

For a couple of years I’ve toyed with the idea of an off set smoker and trying something different. After considering the price point and the testimonials I elected to go with the Pit Barrel® Cooker. I couldn’t be happier with my choice. I LOVE THIS COOKER! The results I have achieved have been nothing short of amazing. The feedback from friends and family that share the meals with me are fantastic. It’s very satisfying when your guests rave about the food. My confidence in this cooker is off the charts. And the best thing about it…I don’t have to spend my entire day babysitting the cooking fuel and I don’t need 12 hours to pull off a world class meal. Thank you for producing a cooker that anyone can use, is efficient and consistent, and produces world class meats. I’m hooked, I’m believer…I’m a total fan.

Shelton B., Inverness, FL
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