Why You Should Buy from Your Local Butcher

Why You Should Buy from Your Local Butcher

If you plan to have a family cookout or a tailgate using your Pit Barrel®, having the best cuts of meat are a must. Your local butcher will have the products and knowledge to give you the best brisket, steak or pork for your cook. 
Pit Barrel® and your local butcher go together like a juicy Tomahawk Rib-Eye and a refreshing Cocktail.

Quality and Freshness 

Butcher window shopping
When visiting your local butcher, you are likely to find a wider meat selection than in many supermarkets. Many of the cuts will have been made in-house, making for a fresher cut of meat.  If you plan to fire up your Pit Barrel® for some deliciously smoky burgers, your local butcher’s ground beef was likely ground in their store that very morning. Even better, ask your butcher to grind a specific cut while you wait for the freshest meat possible. 
Your local butcher will take your order and prepare it right in front of you. The cut of steak in the case is likely to have been sliced fresh that very morning. If you want extra fat trimmed off or if you want your cut pounded to a certain thickness, your local butcher is the place to go.  

Local business with Local Products 

The local butcher is almost always a family owned small business.  And the local butcher often supports local farms and other small businesses.  The butcher cares about their meats and often gets to know distributors and farmers.  They have seen the local farms where their meat comes from.  As a result they care about their local businesses and communities.  It can feel good to support your local butcher.  
Pit Barrel® is a family owned business too. They care about their products and customers just like the neighborhood butcher.   

Customer Service  

Butcher grinding meat
Many prefer their local butcher over a supermarket because they feel they get better service. Your butcher might greet you by name when you walk in the door, and give you personalized selections and recipe tips for your weekend cook.
The local butcher can even vacuum seal your order if you ask to help keep your meat fresher even if you freeze it. If you need your chicken deboned or a little fat cut off a steak, they can do that for you too.

Product Passion & Knowledge  

Your butcher’s passion about his business makes it likely that the products are of high quality and come from farms where they care for their animals. This can make a big difference in the taste and flavor of your meat.
Butchers are also professionals, many went to school to learn about cutting and preparing meat.  However, many are also trained in culinary arts and can give recipe tips and recommendations. Butchers will find and prepare the right cuts of meat for you and for a delicious cook on your Pit Barrel®. 

Save you money  

Meat on board being seasoned
Your local butcher can help you save money because they can find alternate cuts of meat for your dishes that you might not have known about. Butchers are so knowledgeable they will know how to get you properly set up for a delicious meal, even when you’re on a budget. Your local butcher can help you stretch your budget without sacrificing quality or taste.
Even the toughest piece of meat can turn out amazing on the Pit Barrel. So there is no need to spend big to impress your friends and family.   

Top Quality Cook

The Pit Barrel® gives meats a deliciously unique flavor and leta you smoke, grill, sear and more. This along with a top quality cut of meat makes for the best possible cook you can have
Whether you are making nun-chuck chicken legs, burgers or “low hang” pork butt, having a nice piece of meat is a perfect starting place. 
Pit Barrel® + your local butcher = the best quality and flavor possible. 
A special thanks to Beyond Yard for writing this post.