Smoker Super Bowl Recipes

Smoker Super Bowl Recipes

There's no bigger party than a Super Bowl Party, and with the big game right around the corner, it's time to make your guest list and plan your menu! A Pit Barrel® Cooker can make preparing your party snacks a cinch, and it's so easy to use and monitor that you won't miss a second of the action – or the hilarious commercials – while making food for your guests! Or, if you're bringing food to another party, these smoked Super Bowl recipes are sure to be a hit wherever you go!

When you need something special for a party, smoked Super Bowl food is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. The team at Pit Barrel® Cooker are all big fans of entertaining, and we've gathered some of our favorite recipes for delicious smoked treats perfect for a winter Super Bowl Party!

Jalapeno Peppercorn Bacon-Wrapped Italian Meatballs 

Jalapeno Peppercorn Bacon-Wrapped Italian Meatballs

Spicy, flavorful Italian Meatballs get a kicked-up twist with Jalapeno peppers and spicy peppercorns. Plus, everything is better wrapped in bacon! These meatballs are a cinch to make and can be made a couple of days ahead of time in a pinch. Simply blend the ingredients together and roll them into your desired size of meatball, wrap in bacon, and place on skewers to cook. If you don't want the spiciness of the Jalapenos, you can substitute green or red bell peppers for delicious flavor without the kick. You can also serve these meatballs with fresh hoagies for a delicious meatball sub!

Smoked Cajun Nuts

These smoky, crunchy, and spicy nuts are perfect to set out near the TV for your guests to snack on during the game. Choose whatever blend of nuts you like best, and smoke for a couple of hours until the nuts are cooked and the spices are infused into the meat of the nuts. Our all-purpose hanger basket is perfect for cooking these. You can also make these ahead of time. You can even put some of the nuts in party favor bags for your guests to take home as a gift!

Smoked Buffalo Chicken Dip

Spicy buffalo chicken dip is a perfect treat for a Super Bowl party. Keep the delicious spiciness of hot wings without the mess! Smoking the dip instead of baking it in an oven adds a depth of flavor that your guests will rave about! Cook the dip in a cast-iron skillet, and then serve directly from the skillet! You can serve with carrot and celery sticks, or vegetable crudites, chips, or even smoke pita bread and slice into wedges. If you double the recipe, you can also make buffalo chicken sliders using small sweet Hawaiian rolls to serve at your party. Or, save your leftovers for a cold wrap the next day with fresh lettuce and cucumbers.

Smoked Salmon Dip

Smoked Salmon Dip

Smoking your own salmon before making this dip gives you flexibility for flavor and spiciness. If you use our smoked salmon recipe, we recommend that you go a little lighter on the maple and brown sugar if you plan to use the smoked salmon for this dip. It's deliciously creamy and can be served with bagel chips and capers for a twist on bagels and lox or with homemade pita chips or vegetables as an appetizer. You can even opt for store-bought smoked salmon if you don't want to smoke your own fish. Double the recipe and have enough for your Super Bowl party, plus leftovers to use on sandwiches or in wraps!

Smoked Brie with Apricot Preserves

Sweet, savory, and creamy, smoked Brie is sure to be a unique crowd pleaser! The creamy Brie cheese absorbs a lot of the smokiness from your Pit Barrel® Cooker, and tangy apricot preserves provide a piquant accompaniment to the luscious flavor of the Brie. You can also try tart cherry preserves with the Brie instead or top with any type of fresh fruit. If you want to make a truly savory dish with the smoked brie, top with crispy prosciutto or bacon crumbles.

Smoked Bourbon Caramel Pecans

These smoked, sweet nuts are dangerously delicious. The creaminess of the pecans takes on a more savory flavor when smoked, and the sweet caramel is a perfect compliment. You can choose to mix a little bit of cayenne pepper in the caramel for a kick or use the nuts as a topping for the smoked Brie recipe. Or, make a larger batch and give pecans as a homemade gift!

Stock Up On Our Smoker Accessories

Several of these recipes use the All-Purpose Hanging Basket for your Pit Barrel® Cooker, holding smaller pieces of food in place while smoking. Or, you can use the hanger to smoke vegetables or potatoes to serve with your Super Bowl spread. If you're planning to make a meal for your Super Bowl party, grab a couple of our Three-Hanger Value Pack, which can hold brats, sausages, or corn on the cob!

Don't forget our knives and cutting boards so that you have great tools to make all of these delicious recipes at home. Plus, our rubs are great for smoking meat and created to enhance the smoky deliciousness of poultry, game meats, beef, and pork.

Pit Barrel® Cooker Has Just What You Need

Pit Barrel and Accessories

Whether you're cooking for 5 people or 50, Pit Barrel® Cooker has the right sized smoker for your needs. Our Vertical Drum Cookers come in three different sizes, the Junior, which is 14", the Classic Pit Barrel® Cooker, 18.5", and the PBX, at 22.5" and our largest size. All of our hanging hooks and accessories fit in each of our Pit Barrel® Cookers, so there's no need to buy new ones when you decide to upgrade.

The Pit Barrel® Cooker is one of the most reliable and easy-to-use smokers on the market, giving you plenty of options for appetizers, snacks, and full meals. If these smoker ideas for appetizer recipes look delicious (and trust us – they are!), hurry up and order your Pit Barrel® Cooker so that it arrives before the big game!