How to Homegate for the Big Game

How to Homegate for the Big Game

The Big Game is going to be like no other this year. COVID-19 has changed our plans for parties and get togethers. There won't be a crowd in the stadium this time, but it will be a historical game nonetheless.
Tom Brady and the Buccaneers made it to the Big Game, making NFL history. This will be the first time a team has played the game in their home stadium in its 54 year history. Teams rarely make it to the playoffs when they host the Big Game in their own stadium, but the Buccaneers are set to play the Chiefs this year!

Who are you rooting for, the Chiefs or the Buccaneers? 



Read on for: 

  1. How to Homegate 
  2. Virtual Sunday Football Party 
  3. Games to Play 
  4. Neighbor Homegate 

How to Homegate

Outdoor cooking is the key to getting that perfect smoky flavor that makes certain tailgating foods unique. If you're going to homegate, get a cooker that can give you food that reminds you of a typical tailgate! A Sunday Football celebration isn't complete without smoky wings, ribs, and dips!

In the mood to spice up your homegate? Try some of our tailgating recipes with a twist!

  • Pop open your favorite beer or try any of our delicious drink recipes.
Move over beer, Sunday Football cocktails are here! Try some of our favorite drink recipes like our Bloody Mary or our Honey Bear Bourbon Cocktail

Now that you have delicious food cookin’ up in your outdoor cooker, it’s time to get ready for the game!

 Virtual Sunday Football Party 

Feel like you're missing out on celebrating the Big Game with your friends and family?

Have a virtual Sunday Football Party! Invite all of your friends to Zoom party so you can root for your favorite team with friends and family! Although a Zoom party is not the same as an in-person get together, you can still celebrate and pop-open a cold one virtually!

How to have a Virtual Sunday Football Party

  1. Set up a laptop/computer on your counter or table and invite your friends to do the same. Tip: Spice up your camera’s background and add football inspired decorations or your favorite team’s merchandise!
  2.  Sign up or log into ZoomSkype or your favorite video calling platform.
  3. Invite your friends to a video chat. Follow your platform’s prompts when sending the invitation to your friends.
  4. Virtually party, cook, and root for your favorite team together!

Games to play 


Play classic card games like poker, Texas Holdem, or Go Fish with your friends on Zoom or Skype!

Cards Against Humanity

This wildly popular game is fun to play with family or friends and works well over Zoom if your friends have the game too (it’s so popular, they might!). One person draws a card and the other players use a card in their hand to pair with the drawn card to make a funny sentence. The person deemed funniest wins the round.


This game is a classic game for all ages! It’s simple, one letter is given with five categories, you have 60 seconds to list as many words as possible that start with that letter. Those with the most unique words will get more points!


Play football themed trivia and see who knows the most about their favorite team. Or play Pit Barrel® themed trivia and see who has the most outdoor-cooking knowledge! 

Neighbor Homegate


Take your drum grill or barrel smoker to your driveway or porch and have a socially distanced get-together for the Big Game! Both sizes of Pit Barrel® are designed to be portable so you can cook alongside your neighbors for a neighborhood cookout. Pop open a cold one and celebrate the Big Game with you neighbors, and stay safe while doing it! 

Regardless of the games you play or the food you cook, this year’s Big Game is bound to be a memorable one. With technology like video conferencing and Zoom we can enjoy some of our favorite pastimes together (even in a different way). Share quality time with friends safely by cooking in your Pit Barrel® and sharing the experience through Zoom or socially distanced with neighbors. Those on Zoom might not be able to smell the delicious aroma of smoking ribs or brisket, but they can join in on the experience. We hope this year’s Big Game is fun, safe and memorable for your family and friends.